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Just a 30-minute drive from Memanbetsu Airport, Kitami is the industrial, economic and cultural center of the Okhotsk region.
Since Kitami began advertising as a sports camp destination in 1985, athletes have flocked here for rugby, athletics, baseball, skiing and other sports camps at our great facilities such as Moiwa Sports World.

With its high number of sunlight hours, low humidity and skies as blue as the Sea of Okhotsk, there’s no better place to train…and we’re working hard to make it even better. We are constantly upgrading our sports facilities to make your training experience perfect.

  Kitami Moiwa Sports World

Become one with nature at this sports facility with accommodation.

This facility’s four natural grass fields and four tennis courts are located on a windless plateau, creating the ideal sporting environment.
There are also cottages holding around 130 people, two conference rooms for 50 or 100 people and even a barbecue house where your team can celebrate their hard work.
Misono-cho 369-1, Kitami-shi 099-0879
20 minutes by car
from the Kitami city center
5 minutes by car
Kitami Urban Facility
Management Company
4 rugby/soccer pitches
4 tennis courts
54-hole park golf course
Accommodation and
conference facilities

  Toryo Sports Park

An all-purpose sports park with a gymnasium, athletics ground, baseball field and grounds for a variety of other ball sports.

With a baseball field, athletics ground, tennis courts, indoor gymnasium and grounds for a variety of other ball sports, Toryo Sports Park caters to a wide range of sports teams. A dojo will also be built in the next few years, then Toryo Sports Park really will have the lot.
It’s also right in the Kitami city center, giving you plenty of accommodation nearby.
Toryo-cho 27, Kitami-shi 090-0061
5 minutes by car
from the Kitami city center
2 minutes walk
Kitami City Homepage
1 rugby/soccer pitch
Athletics ground
Baseball field
Dojo (construction planned)
16 tennis courts

  Kitami Nature and Recreation Village Center

Surrounded by the natural scenery of Kitami

There’s no better way to relax after a hard day of training than in our accommodation surrounded by lush natural scenery. The natural beauty surrounding the rugby pitch makes it irresistible for teams. The Village is also a hugely popular summer running spot for athletics and skating teams.
In winter, Kitami Nature and Recreation Village becomes a sprawling ski ground and is an extremely popular ski camp destination.
Wakamatsu 651, Kitami-shi 090-0808
15 minutes by car
from Kitami Station
Shop within the facility
Kitami Urban Facility
Management Company
1 rugby/soccer pitch
Conference room
(holds 100 people)
Ski ground

  Tokoro Riverside Sports Ground


This facility makes use of the unique qualities of its riverside grounds.
There are seven grounds in total, making it possible for a large number of teams to train at once.
Kawahigashi, Kitami-shi
50 minutes by car
from Memanbetsu Airport
5 minutes by car
Kitami City Homepage
7 rugby/soccer pitches
Operated by the
Kitami Sports Division

  Hokkai School of Commerce, Kitami Campus


An old university campus converted into a sports ground.
The grounds are meticulously prepared for the sports camps in summer. Showers have been set up in the old university building for your team to wash off after a hard training session.
Hokko 235, Kitami-shi
1 hour by car
from Memanbetsu Airport
5 minutes by car
Kitami City Homepage
2 rugby/soccer pitches
Contact the Kitami City
Sports Division
if you wish to use
our grounds in summer.

  Northern Arc Resort Ski Ground


This resort hotel has it all  hot springs, a ski ground and a variety of sports areas from tennis courts to a golf course.
While snowfall is light, there are a high number of sunshine hours, and you can enjoy skiing or snowboarding on light snow with minimal resistance.
Tanno-cho 2-ku 829, Kitami-shi 099-2102
20 minutes by car
from Memanbetsu Airport
5 minutes by car
Northern Arc Resort
Ski Ground
Soccer Pitch
Golf Course
Tennis Courts

  Tokoro Curling Hall

Japan’s first indoor curling area!

The birthplace of curling in Japan, this curling hall in Tokoro-cho, Kitami City was the first indoor curling area in Asia.
Tokoro Curling Hall has produced a huge number of Winter Olympic and world championship curlers, as well as being widely used by the community. Companies and schools of all levels use it for lessons, and tourists from all over Japan come here to try their hand at curling.
Tokoro-cho Aza Tosa 2-1, Kitami-shi 099-0213
1:00pm-10:00pm weekdays
Saturdays &
public holidays
10:00am-5:00pm Sundays
50 minutes by car
from Memanbetsu Airport
Kitami City Homepage
5 sheets

  Rubeshibe-cho Asahi Park


At Rubeshibecho Asahi Park you’ll find an all-purpose gymnasium, dojo, archery ground, baseball field, athletics ground and a natural grass field suitable for a variety of sports.

Then when you’re done training, you can relax in one of the many nearby hot springs.

Rubeshibe-cho Asahi Koen 88, Kitami-shi 091-0026
30 minutes by car
from Kitami Station
5 minutes walk
Kitami City Homepage
Rugby/soccer pitch
2 baseball fields
Athletics ground

  Happodai Ski Ground


Happodai Ski Ground’s two snow machines ensure great quality snow from mid-December to late March.
As well as the easy A course for families and medium-level B course, you’ll find a super-easy 1000m (1094-yard) course for beginners and even a sledding course. You won’t find a more family-friendly ski ground than this!
Happodai Ski Ground is also right near Onneyu Onsen and Kitami Onsen hot spring resorts, where you can spend the day or even stay overnight.
Rubeshibe-cho Asahi Koen 74, Kitami-shi 091-0026
35 minutes by car
from Kitami Station
Kitami City Homepage
Ski ground